D-STAR Reflector 330

The Wayne Technical Fanatics operate Reflector 330 as part of their Megalink Project. This reflector is a stable, long-term reflector oprated out Amazon AWS. This reflector uses the XLXD software and can accept D-STAR reflector links using all three standard protocols - DPlus (REF), DExtra (XRF), and DCS. This reflector is open to the entire amateur radio community. Any D-STAR user is welcome to use any module available. This reflector hub should support modules A-Z. Certain modules have defined puroses as show on the right.

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Reflector Modules

Module Description
A Megalink - General traffic for Northeast Ohio (i.e. area code 330) and beyond.
B Megalink Test - Used for testing purposes. Anyone is welcome to use it for testing purposes.
C Silvercreek ARA - Used by the Silvercreeak Amateur Radio Association W8WKY multi-mode digital repeater. Default D-STAR reflector to allow hotspots to interconnect.
D DX Engineering - Used by DX Engineering for N8DXE and other testing.